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I wasnt sure if I should write a reply to this, as sadly, I have come across so much of this type of review in the past that I am downright jaded by it myself. As one of the members in September Girls, and having been a female in the male-dominated world of music since the 90s (yep, Im that old), this is nothing new or surprising to me at all. It is also the Internet, the home of poorly written reviews, and trolls and flame wars and pieces which are easily taken out of context.
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Thanks for sharing this, Irish. I dont generally dont trust Dr, Oz or anyone else who has attained expert status because Oprah launched them on her show, but that is my own bias. Ive only watched Dr. Oz three times and he contradicted himself on what is a healthy diet each time! I did agree with him when he stated B-12 levels should be monitored in anyone with gut problems and the elderly so I dont necessarily think all his advice is bad.
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