Im not so sure the article unearths anything truly scandalous or illegal. Some colorful, distasteful characters, maybe. Some maximizing what is do-able under law, maybe. But no crimes. The City wont be able to proceed with its plans without sign off from MassDOT, so the suggestion that they are ignoring regulations just because they havent finished dotting is or crossing ts -is far-fetched. No mention of any deadlines missed. $2,000 in contributions from various members of the same family over two years is hardly a smoking gun, and certainly not even close to an incentive for the mayor to compromise ethics. $1.5 million going to one firm for work without a bidding process sounds less than prudent, but it was clearly legal. Funny that the article says the firm is under scrutiny- if there is malfeasance, its not the firms. Overall, not rigorous and overly suggestive. cheap oakley sunglasses

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